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Practice in Pottstown, PA: Free for the taking

Busy Chiropractic Practice in Pottstown, PA

Free for the Taking!

2871 E. High Street in Pottstown

Please call or email Dr. Glenn Waldt at


You may live in the building without additional rent.

My chiropractic practice is FREE FOR THE TAKING! I am giving away my chiropractic practice of 13-years FOR FREE in Pottstown, PA. I can assure you, there is no "catch" to this offer!

I am now a full-time 3rd year medical student in Philadelphia and the associate I had in my office didn't work out. I cannot come back into the practice to rescue it and so I'm giving my practice away FOR FREE. I tried to sell my practice, but only "tire kickers" asking me to seller finance showed up at my door… so I'm forced to give away my practice.

Grossed $220k my last year in practice. Nearly 5,000 inactive patient charts in my office. We get 15 walk-ins, reactivations & referrals per month with no advertising. At my busiest, I adjusted 250-300/week and grossed $600k+. This is when insurance paid well. The building is well-suited to a volume practice if that is your desire. There is a 14-car parking lot. If you need my help in growing your practice, I would be glad to do my best to give good advice. I would not be able to help you hire and train staff. You must do that on your own.

The practice is all yours… free for the taking. All you need to do is pay me a reasonable rent for my beautiful office. Rent is $1995/month + you pay utilities. X-ray machine and processor and equipment are in my office! You can use these without charge.

It is a 3bedroom/2bath Craftsman-Style Home that my family lived in and practiced in for 13 years. You can do the same if you wish. I will not charge you additional rent if you live in the building.

I will help you reactivate chiropractic patients if you need my help. The practice also was busy with weight loss clients and our medical doctor was doing peripheral joint injections and medical weight loss. You may be able to reactivate some of the medical weight loss patients as well.

I would prefer that a seasoned and previously successful chiropractor rent my building. But if you are a recent graduate and you can prove you have en excellent work ethic and good clinical skills, I will consider renting to you.

You can see pics of my office on Zillow. The address is 2871 E. High Street in Pottstown, PA. Just type my address into Zillow to see lots of pictures of the office... inside and out.

Ideal location, absolutely beautiful and well-appointed office, excellent signage, 14-car parking lot… yours without charge as long as you can pay rent!

If you're interested (and I can't believe who wouldn't be!), please call. I can nearly guarantee you that another opportunity like this won't come along again in 2 practice lifetimes! I wish I had found an offer like this when I graduated chiropractic school in 2002!

Please call or email Dr. Glenn Waldt at 484-919-1866 and


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