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Sub-lease Advanced Chiropractic and Medical Office

Sub-lease Advanced Chiropractic and Medical Office

Northeast Family Medical and Rehabilitation Center

Posted 3/21 Expires 7/21

Hi my name is Dr. Mark Brown. I own and operate a medical/Chiropractic office in northeast Philadelphia and I'm looking to share space and sub-lease a very advanced chiropractic office with high tech office equipment to help you build a very successful practice. We offer two disc decompression DRX9000 machines that treat both cervical and lumbar areas. We also have a new treatment call Neurogenx to treat patients with Diabetic neuropathies. Two new Aqua med hydro therapy machines, ultra sound, electrical stim units, intersegmental traction, massage therapy and updated computer software for billing. 

If you always wanted a high tech office to bring in new patients but don't want to go into high debt, this could be the opportunity you have been looking for. If interested, call!

215-745-1212 or 215-620-5520


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