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Used X-Ray Equipment

Used x-ray equipment.  Complete x-ray package includes:

  • XTek 400, 300 mA 125 kVp DC  x-ray unit purchased new the beginning of 1999. This includes a stand up bucky which can shoot films out to 72 inches. The unit is in good working order and still takes excellent films, see pictures.
  • Hope Micro Max automatic processor. This has been routinely maintained by PA X-ray Equipment. It still does a nice job processing films.
  • An assortment of lead shields including a lead apron.
  • X-ray cassettes to include 2 8X10, 2 10X12 and 2 14X17.
  • Light proof X-ray film storage box with assortment of film.
  • X-ray view boxes: 2 - 14X36 and 2 14X17
  • An assortment of  associated equipment such as:
  • Small table and stool to assist with extremity films.
  • Hot light.

Price: $2500.00 OBO.

Pictures more info, contact David Eisenberg D.C.

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