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“New HIPAA rule and ONC ‘CURES ACT’ Law (5 CE)

Saturday, July 31, 2021 (9:00 AM - 3:00 PM) (EDT)
Event Details

To expand awareness regarding the ever increasing number of complaints against doctors, by patients and ex-employees, relative to mishandling/theft and cyberattacks (electronic data theft) of patient information and the fines and penalties being exacted, by the Office of Civil rights and the Department of Justice, relative to HIPAA enforcement. 

To update regarding what the enforcement agencies are looking for and how they find out if you are in compliance, especially during national emergencies. 

To supply information to help simplify the implementation and maintenance of an appropriate HIPAA, OIG and ONC compliance program, with their extensive lists of required and addressable standards, in the typical chiropractic or multidisciplinary clinic, so that the option exists for the doctor to delegate and/or oversee the majority of this process and/or participate to whatever level desired. 

To provide information regarding emergency preparedness during crisis times relative to these and other topics. Crisis magnifies deficiencies and brings on more risk. Help prepare doctors to avoid being ravaged by Medicare demands to return money paid to them by Medicare in the wake of the OIG report listing chiropractor as the number one profession for Medicare fraud and that 82% of all claims paid to chiropractors should be repaid to the government. 

You will learn: 

*What is now required under the 21st Century Cures Act (ONC -office of the national coordinator)-- $1,000,000 fines for some. 

* What needs to be done to prevent a Ransom ware attack that can close your office and get you fined by the government for a HIPAA violation. This is the greatest NEW threat to chiropractors (there will be a video interview with a small chiropractic practice owner shown at this event, regarding their experience with a Ransom ware attack)

 * The latest information, directly from the government Cyber security and HIPAA symposium regarding how people get caught, the type fines they face and how to protect your practice-could you be next? 

*You will learn how a simple mistake can turn into a federal investigation (a short TV CHIROPRACTIC EXPOSE news story, about a chiropractors’ ‘mistake’, will be shown at the event) 

*Why patient HIPAA complaints (and disgruntled employee complaints) have increased over 300% per year, resulting in a massive increase in fines etc.. 

* How to perform a risk analysis and ISAR's- Washington DC states if you don't have these you have no HIPAA program AT ALL and therefore face probable minimum ‘willful neglect fines’ of $50,000 to 1.5 million! 

* How chiropractors got crossways with Medicare and may have to return as much as 82% of claims paid-and what to do about it

 * What is legal (can and can't do) in the area of fee compliance and dual fee systems etc…

 * Required OIG compliance for anyone taking care of Medicare patients!

 * Required contents of a HIPAA compliance manual 

* Required HIPAA policies (about 100 pages of a typical 400-800 page manual, in the typical chiropractic office are just for policies!) 

* What to do about the Omnibus rules of 2013 and the resulting minimum $50,000 fines for being noncompliant


Additional Information
Event Contact:
Jessica Sell
Contact Organization:
Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association
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